Monday, July 09, 2007

Coupon Chief...

Use the iTunes Store much? Recently i’ve been getting in to it a lot and i’ve always noticed whilst purchasing music or tv shows that there’s an option for a coupon. I recently found some coupon codes for the iTunes Store here. There’s coupons to get money off the new season of Lost, the new album by The Killers and even a coupon to watch 500 Free music videos. I found all of this at where there are hundreds of online shopping coupons for hundreds of different merchants and there’s even a “how-to” on the site of where you insert the coupon and how to use it on some of the top merchants like target, best buy, amazon and dell. It’s a really great service that’s really worth checking out to get money off from 1000+ merchants listed on the site.


Sunday, July 01, 2007


So this blog has been lacking a lot of content lately and it's looked the same since it started....i'm thinking about giving it a complete overhaul, a completely new look and trying to make it look a bit nicer, cleaner and what not. Less links, more content...purely content rather than buttons and ads jumping out all over the place. If i find the right style i'll make sure and put it on here...until then...i'm gonna keep thinking of ideas. any suggestions leave a comment.


Monday, June 25, 2007


bet365 is a site that gives you the chance to get in to sports betting on sports competitions from all around the world. Also available is an online casino, interactive games section and bet365poker, where you can play online poker until your heart is content. What’s really great about all of this is that it sports a ‘one wallet’ system, which means you can use all of the terrific services from one manageable account. This is simply a great way to keep on top of your bets and earnings without having too many accounts to handle. So check out really does have a lot more to offer than others of it’s kind.


Monday, June 11, 2007


Safari for windows

More Leopard News

More iPhone News

New Apple Site

Can't wait for the keynote to go online, i've tried not to read about too much stuff cause i wanna see it all in action in the keynote. There was some pretty interesting stuff announced...the safari public beta is what really surprised me. Looks great on windows and is now the fastest available browser for windows...worth the download ;-)


Saturday, June 09, 2007

Webroot Spy Sweeper

Long ago....back in the land of Windows ME, just before I switched to I was happily browsing the web for various cheat codes for GTA3 on the PS2...i came across a few sites that seemed a little dodgy and potentially unsafe, but the naive child inside me ignored it and continued to browse. Pop-up after Pop-up i clicked ‘ok’ and other such buttons like ‘install now’ ...’buy now’ ....i honestly didn’t know what i was doing but i thought it was getting rid of the pop ups and so continued to keep clicking. After my browsing session i returned to the desktop to find it filled with different programs...except they weren’t programs. I’d successfully installed so much spyware that it crippled my hard drive...and as a result, had to format and reinstall windows. Of course i had no spyware protection at the time so i had little way to resolve or prevent the problem. With Spy Sweeper occasions like this can be prevented easily. With it’s ease of use and low system specifications you can keep full control of any computer. You can download your favourite movies, photos and not have to worry about the spyware infecting your computer...there’s even regular updates. With it’s various awards you’d be insane not to check this out and prevent spyware from crippling your computer too. If only i had this back then.


Monday, June 04, 2007

The New site.........

I've been setting up a website quite recently, which i'm not QUITE ready to start promoting but i'd like to talk about it a little bit to give the general concept. You as a user, sign up and you get your own blog on the network. You then blog about your favourite tech news and it gets displayed on the main blog of the site. It from here gets rated and the highest rated posts in the day get displayed at the top.
I'm just having some issues getting all the most recent posts pulled from each blog on the network and i'm working on the look and some other functionality right now. I like the idea of it....i hope some of you check it out. leave me a comment if you like the idea or some feedback on how it could be improved would be nice :) .


Monday, May 28, 2007

Accident or collision?

i wonder this a car crash considered an accident or a collision? If it was an accident, that means it wasn't meant to happen but if it was a collision it could mean many more things. For example, someone who's drink driving knows that they could very well have a is it really an accident?

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Fresh From Florida

Where I come from farming is a big thing but it’s rare that I myself ever think of farming as anything other than the old buddy down the road out ploughing a field. Check out this ‘Fresh From Florida’ video advertising the importance of the $87 billion industry that provides the whole world with food. These guys really do make an impact.


Friday, May 25, 2007

The Time Off...

So half of my exams are over...yes...that quickly. I mentioned them earlier this week and i'm sorry i haven't been able to make an update on how they went. Basically...i'm not too sure...the first psychology module i did i felt like it went great but i ended up failing miserably so i really can't tell right now. Let's not think about it...we'll revisit it in august when it seems important to me then.
I've been moving stuff in since tuesday (in to my new house that is) and hence the huge lack of updates, i'll have some pics of the house pretty soon, it's still a bit of a tip but it won't be long before it's sorted out.
The sun is shining i'm gonna go for a walk. have a good day!

PPP Direct

PayPerPost just recently put out a new release to their site and with that came a new version of PayPerPost, PayPerPost Direct. With PayPerPost Direct a small button is placed on your blog for advertisers to click to individually hire you to write special posts. You specify the price of the details, if the advertiser likes it then they give you an exclusive opportunity. You then have a couple of options, you can accept this, negotiate it, cancel or flag it. This is a great idea in my opinion, for example, I only have 2 votes out of the 25 posts I’ve taken to make up my overall tack rating which leaves it at 4 out of 5. Now this restricts me from taking particular posts and some advertisers may feel that my style of writing suits the kind of post their looking for but as I don’t qualify for their opportunity I’m unable to take it. This means the advertisers could be losing out in many ways.
PPP direct offers much more than it’s competitors and allows for the advertisers to not lose out like this at all as they can contact me individually and give me an exclusive post. f you are using ReviewMe or any competitors services you will know that they charge between 50-100% markup on your post, whilst PPP charges only 35% on theirs, this allows you to keep more of the money you’ve earned. PPP direct cuts out the middlemen and allows for you to make such huge savings on your posts. Why not get paid to blog and check it out.


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The First Exam...

First exam in a matter of hours and what do i do? sit up to play the xbox for a bit and then come on here. Why? because i simply do not care about the exams i'm doing tomorrow...and why's that? because i only need an E in this subject...and i'm pretty confident i can do that. Now you may be wondering 'but don't you want to do even better than that?' my answer is no, not really. I only want to do well enough to get back in to sixth form. I'll give an update of how it went later on or maybe tomorrow...i'll maybe end up doing way better than i expected...or i'll maybe end up failing miserably. who knows.


Sunday, May 20, 2007


So i've kind of slacked on the revision...maybe it's my lack of interest in psychology right now. To be honest i'm really not in to it as much as i used to be. I WANT to say that it's my teachers fault...and that probably is partly to blame. The week my first teacher left for maternity leave my grade in the class was an A. When the substitute arrived he immediately dropped me to a D and i feel like from then on in i haven't cared about the subject at all. At first i thought it might be a motivational thing, but now i'm not too sure...i mean, if the teacher wanted me to be motivated he would have given me a C, which is considered the average grade but most people want to be just above average. Having a D says 'you know less than average' and that doesn't motivate me at just makes me feel below everyone else. A Failure, a mess, a wreck, a nobody. I feel like giving up on revision for the subject...i'm quite sure i'll fail.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Check it out. I'll probably post some small things to it the odd time. I may eventually do something more with that domain but i really like it the way it is now. So check it out, sign up if you want and we'll get a little network going. It's a great new concept which really challeneges the conventional blog.


Monday, May 14, 2007


I recently just discovered Tumblr, it's pretty cool, it's like a new kind of blogging where it focuses less on long posts with a lot of stuff in it and has much smaller things that you can share, for example, you can share just a picture, a quote, a piece of text, a video. It's quite interesting, i might set one up with a new domain or something and post some of the wee interesting things i come across.


Sunday, May 13, 2007

Nothin' like PayPerPost

You may have noticed I’ve been in to the whole blog marketing thing for a while now and I specifically favour PayPerPost. I’ve really enjoyed using their service over the last 5 months I’ve been a member, I’ve become a frequent reader of the PayPerPost blog, I’ve participated in the forums quite a bit and most of all I’ve generated quite a bit of income from the site, almost $200 in fact. Initially my plan was to save my money but as I discovered I’m able to make more and more every day with the plethora of opportunities on PayPerPost’s website, I can put a bit aside and use some to buy a few Xbox games every now and then. PayPerPost is a really great site and has been very loyal to me over the 5 months, I can’t wait to see what improvements they have for the service over time and I hope it gets even better.


Silence Fell over my living room...

I watched United 93 today, i hadn't seen it since maybe a year ago when it came out in the cinema. That film has really moved me a lot. It's such a tense film especially knowing that it's based on true events (according to the government...and without mentioning conspiracy theories). I could almost feel my body going in to 'fight or flight'. As the plane went down my heart pounded...and i was again reminded of how fucked up our world is.


WhoGets is a site offering loads of prizes to win in their online contests, the prize values range from $10 to $600 but there's a twist. The twist is that YOU get to decide who walks away with these prizes, whether it be the needy student or the random contestant number 3, you decide who wins. This is an interesting new concept for a website like this...and who can enter? Anyone! You just find the prize you want to have and enter the semi-final pool and if you're selected to be a finalist, tell everyone why you should win and sit back and wait. All of this for free? you betcha' ;-)


Exam time....

So now i'm off school for my study leave...i'm not exactly, off...i have a lot of studying to do if i want to get back to school next year and a lot of work for my exams but i have a feeling the studying is gonna be a no go this year and i'll spend most of my time on the xbox or playing guitar or on my latest project which i won't discuss with the few readers just yet as it's still under production and what not.

I'll hopefully be able to update this thing more now that i'm out of school, HOPEFULLY!'s been lacking content lately.


Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Bid4Prizes is a site where you bid on particular products but there's a twist, the lowest unique bid wins rather than the traditional higher bid. Personally i'd love to win this 20" LCD Monitor to hook up my mac too for some video editing and with the lowest bid winning why not have a crack at it? There really are some great products on the site to win and with a concept like this it’s definitely worth trying out. Where I come from there’s nothing like a good bargain and it looks like there’s plenty on here to be found. Definitely an interesting service.


Friday, May 04, 2007

Spiderman 3...

So i just went to see the movie........and i'm back now.......the cinema is usually a pretty crazy place when a group of us are there, we're like a bunch of 7 year olds out to celebrate our mates 8th birthday after having a can of red bull and pretending we're the coolest lads on the block...let's just say, we're immature. Whilst we mucked about quite a bit (we don't condone throwing sweets) ...the movie was enjoyable but i'm really not sure what to make of it, it seemed like it was gonna be a real action-thriller kind of thing .....and then suddenly peter parker is emo and doing the funky chicken (no joke) be honest i think those parts spoiled the movie a bit, if he had of just been much meaner in a more serious way it would have made the film better. I can see that they were trying to be funny...but it just went down the wrong way with me and seemed a bit cheesy and out of place with the other movies. It was still enjoyable...a little dodgy but be the judge yourself. Go out and watch it ;-)


Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Music Scene........

I hate todays music really is a scene, filled with pretentious spoilt brats who criticise you for not liking the latest CD by so and so. They claim to be Fall Out Boy's biggest fan and act as if they were around before Kurt Cobain pulled the trigger (that's if he did do it) ...looking down on you for listening to what ever you want and not what everyone else listens to...yet they look down on other scenes and haven't yet come to the sad realisation that they themselves are part of a scene. I notice this a lot, and probably sound like i'm from some kind of scene myself...but i really do hate this amongst the general 'scene' where you're not cool unless you listen to band X, Y or Z. Why can't we listen to what we want?


What a lack of posts.........

I just spent another 12 hours of straight gaming on the xbox....that's almost my record was 14 hours, which is a bit sick to be honest. It's very easy to get lost while playing a's a bit crazy really, one minute it's 1 o'clock in the afternoon, the next it's 1 in the morning and you've just finished your fourth bar of chocolate for the day and you come to a sad realisation you've been binge eating and doing nothing all day but happily gaming. It's a shame really because it was a nice day today........hopefully i'll venture outside tomorrow and maybe get some more posts on here.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007


SecureZIP brings a whole new way for you to secure your files whilst they’re being sent across the internet. It’s a whole new generation of ZIP and is the best method of securing your emails and attachments as well as data stored on your computer or even an external hard drive. I have a ton of coursework I’d like to keep secure on my computer, if I was to lose that, my career would pretty much be over so it’s important to be able to keep such files secure. If you head over to and you can get your hands on the full software for free! The offer is for a limited time only so act quickly. It’s that easy, you supply your email address and get the software…not trial software, but the whole package. I really recommend checking this out. SecureZIP - The next generation of ZIP.


Saturday, April 21, 2007

And back to the guitar.........

Just been playing some guitar yet again, it's been quite a while and enjoyable to see how capable my voice is of staying in tune as i play. With my study leave officially on the 11th of May i can't wait to be's even earlier than last year.

...This has been bugging me the last few days. It's happened myself once in the past and i recently saw it happen at school. Why is it everyone feels the need to criticise you AFTER You've had your hair cut, or AFTER you've decided to ditch the same pair of jeans you've been wearing for about 3 years, or the same t-shirt. A friend of mine recently had his hair cut....all his so called friends started the usual compliments and he said 'yeah it's a big change from the way it was yesterday' ............and this is where my point comes in. The so called friends replied with 'yeah it was pretty shit like!' ........see this stumps me, if they were a true friend wouldn't they tell the guy 'sort yourself out' rather than leaving it until after it's sorted and use it as if it's some sort of excuse to slag him now....i don't get it. Everyone's a critic.

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Friday, April 20, 2007

Coursework gone aye?

Finally...finally it's all completed, finally i don't have to worry about it. 11th of may is when i get my study leave so it'll be nice to be off from then until september...providing i get back to school that is. when i get my coursework back, i think i'll sell it online or something, it'd be nice to scrape up a few pounds with it.

So now i can get back to playing some guitar and xbox :D ....weeeeeeee


Saturday, April 14, 2007

Blogger Choice Awards...

Blogging has just got better…not only is the Blogosphere growing it’s receiving more and more quality content. Now you can vote on blogs with the blogger awards at There’s loads of different categories to choose from and a plethora of blogs to browse, you’d almost think you were at the Oscars…for blogs though.
Anyone can nominate a blog and anyone can vote so make sure you submit your favourite blog or if it’s already there make sure you get a vote in and make it count.
This definitely seems like a good idea and definitely a new way to promote the blogosphere and get peoples content out there and noticed much more.
It’s pretty beneficial for all types of blogs…even the terrible ones. There’s a category for ‘Worst Blog Of All Time’ and many more such as ‘Best Food Blog’ or ‘Best Geek Blog’ and many, many more.
The site itself has a very Digg like feel which is nice because it allows easy access to vote on your favourite blog the quickest and easiest way.
So get in there and get your favourite blog submitted and start voting, there are loads to choose from and plenty of opportunities for all kinds of bloggers big and small. Voting is between now and 11.59PM on 22nd May and winners will be announced at PostieCon


The Perils of Procrastination....

Last day of Easter holidays and i'm struggling with my coursework. Procrastination sucks...i've had 2 weeks to get this done but i've wasted my time putting it off and off until i have only a day to do about 100 pages worth of work. It'll take a lot of work tomorrow but i can hopefully get it done...i debated tonight whether or not i should do the remaining work half assed or well done. ....If i do it half-assed, i'll at least get it handed in and be able to have it marked and re-drafted and fixed up. If it's well done it'll only take me too long and i'll only get faulted for handing it in late and then won't get a chance to re-draft it. So putting that in the perspective...i have a busy day of laziness and half-assedness. Cool.


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A Web Directory with a twist....

Big Web Links is a great new concept for finding sites, in their online directory sorted by bid amount rather than popularity or PR. This is a really great concept and really allows webmasters to have much more control over their site on the directory listing.

The more money put in to the site, the higher up the ranking it is and this is done when users bid for position on a site. The top 10 listings are shown on the homepage and the top 20 are shown in a top links page giving your site plenty of opportunity to be displayed. This really is a great new concept and definitely worth checking out.


Browsing iPhoto.......

I was browsing through iPhoto last night and game across this picture i took not too long before i moved in to my new house (about a month or two ago). I kinda like it, it represents me i think...a window with light shining through on a guitar....what do you think this represents about me?

hmmmm...i think i'll maybe use it for a new banner or something.

I really gotta get back to work, kinda pointless post but suree.........


A New Kind of Rehab...

Drug addiction and alcoholism is a terrible thing and unfortunately it’s a terrible habit to kick. With a new drug rehab program these kinds of habits can be kicked without the use of medication or drugs to resolve the problem. The Stone Hawk Program uses a combination of proper nutrition and nutritional supplementation to over come the addictions.
Personally I feel that this is a good program as there are many different rehabilitation programs that people can take where other drugs are used to over come the problems and what makes this program stand out from the others is that it isn’t psychiatric or medical, it’s based around getting clean in the most natural way possible and this is much better for the body on a whole. With a success rate of over 70% unlike other treatments, this really is a great program.


Tuesday, April 10, 2007

All over until next season...

So the giants did win on saturday, it's all over until next season unfortunately. it'll be nice to have next season roll around and everyone be back on form. Can't wait to hear whos staying and who's going and what not. Hopefully we can get the title back next season.
I finally got around to doing some coursework yesterday which is good because i was REALLY far behind, it's nice to finally get something done and out of the way and i plan to keep it up all week so i can be finished for the deadline.
I've been playing a lot of xbox lately too...some might call it an unhealthy addiction but i dunno, it's quite fun playing my friends and some of the random guys on there, it's good fun especially after hours of coursework, it's nice to be able to sit down and have your friends yarn away to you while you trying and knock them off the track in project gotham racing.
Back to the coursework.......


Online Gambling...

If you’ve ever gambled you’ll know that the places to gamble can be a bit smokey or have a strange sense about them (almost like a sense you’re being watched) and if you’re not in to that sort of thing, then online gambling can really be great for you. Why not check out one of the newest and freshest online sites for gambling. It holds a great range of games to play online and it really is a great Gaming Club and you don’t even have to leave your home. So why not get comfortable whilst you increase your winning chances on Blackjack, Roulette, Poker or even the Slots. There are all sorts of games available for you and your friends to play on and have fun right from your own home.
My personal favourite is on the site too, Blackjack, I remember first playing this on an old casino royale game on my GameBoy when I was a young lad and it really is a great game. There are plenty of games to play and win with more prizes than you can shake a stick at. With every chance to win, why not check it out? I know I definitely will, this seems like one of the best sites I’ve come across online for gambling and such.


Saturday, April 07, 2007

Play-Off Finals Weekend...

So it's the playoff finals weekend...and as i type, the Giants are in their semi-final game. I really hope they make it through to the final against Cardiff. Personally i think we've been handed the team no one wanted to play...the Play-Offs being held in Nottingham...we're playing Nottingham, so they have an advantage of home ice, good team morale etc. Hopefully we can pull through...i'm really excited about this because even though we didn't retain the league title, it'd be nice to bring home SOMETHING from this season.

More in Giants news...i have a few ideas in the pot for the new website, i've been thinking about compiling a list of features that would be nice on their website and then forwarding them to the new GM.

I'll give an update tomorrow on the game.


Thursday, April 05, 2007


An unexpected 11am rise...i need to sort out my sleeping pattern. The last few days have consisted of up around 12ish or 1ish, xbox, outside for a while, lots of red bull, xbox.............more xbox........sleep. but this goes on until about 2AM. I wonder how people can survive with such little sleep sometimes...i always feel spaced out and not really there at all when i haven't got enough sleep. Better sort it out this week before the ICT binge...


Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Easter Holidays...

So now it's the Easter Holidays and it's nice to be off...finally some time to myself. Although it's only the second day, i need to get stuck in to the work soon even though i'm really trying to take it easy to kick this cold/flu bug and get back to full health again. Hopefully i'll be ok by next week.

First day back at school is my deadline for a lot of coursework, so hopefully i can get it all done and out of the way by then. I really can't afford to mess this up but at the same time i just want to relax...especially with the nice weather these days....ahh i dispair.

Be back later with some pics hopefully.


1K Tuesday...

Scouring the PayPerPost Blog only to notice that PayPerPost have been doing some blog advertising. They are now announcing 1K Tuesday. A brand new feature to PayPerPost where they will put out at least 1 $1000 dollar opportuninty anywhere between the hours of 12am and 12pm.
Seems like quite a good idea to be honest, pretty cool indeed and it really opens up a lot of opportunity for money making for some of us. Unfortunately, I’ll have to work on my blog a bit before I can be doing well enough to score opportunities like that……still, what a great idea!! It has actually inspired me to work on my blog a bit more and try to get it up to those kinds of standards. So if you wanna start making money from your blog now, I recommend you check it out…any blog is good enough…this is just another great reason to check out PayPerPost. You can check out their blog here and see what the whole thing is about. This is such an inspirational thing for bloggers, I probably won’t even leave my computer at all in order to keep the chances at a high. Snapping up the opp will be fun and it’ll help boost some gossip on the forum about who got each weeks post. Check out PayPerPost kids…amazing site ;-)


Monday, April 02, 2007

A Giant Update...

So now the season is over...we didn't win...but we're in the playoffs and the big weekend is this coming weekend. I would have loved to have been would have been great to see the last few games but luckily i made it to the last home game (and of course Todd Killer Kelmans last home game) at the big O. It's been a great season...really enjoyable, unfortunately we didn't win but it's been great getting more and more in to ice hockey and i can honestly say i cannot wait until september for the new season.

I plan to keep you all (who ever is reading) updated over the summer with returning players etc and who's new to the team, who's staying and who's going and what the new shirt looks like. I'll maybe even start up a blog dedicated to reviews of all the home and away games. It'll be good, i'll give an update on that later in the week so stay logged on.



I just recently got a chance to check out this brand new site called Sci-Edge. Sci-Edge is a brand new social networking website, a place for science geeks technology and gadget geeks (much like myself) and science fiction nerds to hang out and converse about all that’s new in the world of Science and Tech.
I had a quick look about the site and it seems pretty cool, with the members already building up and some pretty cool features on there it really seems like it’s gonna be the next big thing. As it’s just newly opened, it’d be great to get in there right off the mark and be one of the first members of what’s slated to be the next big social network. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls…welcome to the MySpace for us geeks.



So for those of you who don't cousin Ally just recently got married to his fiance, Cherith. Ally has always been a big inspiration for me...i like him. Sometimes i call him Al. Sometimes other people call him Al...hopefully he'll have some pics up on his blog soon. *doesn't really know what to say*

Congrats Cuz :) I wish you and Cherith all the best in your life together.


Saturday, March 31, 2007

Car Insurance...

So in the next 2 to 3 months i'll turn 17 and i'll begin driving and by law, it's required that i have insurance for my insurance has become really expensive over the last while and for a young driver like me, not everyone wants to take me on and give me a good quote. Luckily i've found some great quotes from some of the sites listed below. To get additional information and quotes on car insurance, check out Connecticut Auto Insurance and Maryland Auto Insurance for some of the best deals for your car insurance.


Wednesday, March 28, 2007


well...welcome to the 100th post of 'life' ...or w/e you wish to call it. To be honest, i wish it felt much more important than it does but i'm pretty sure no one actually reads this blog anymore, in fact i don't think many people did read it that much to be honest but i'll try and not let this be so negative.

I've spent the last few days home...and i've come to learn that 2 days stuck in doors is enough to drive me insane. So i took a walk to the beach to try and clear my lungs and what not of all gunge sickness. It worked...but my throat is killing me. On the plus, i did get some pretty nice photos.....

And so i leave with 100 new thoughts in my head about who i am and where i'm heading in this life...


Sunday, March 25, 2007

The sound of silence...

A few days ago in school i looked around the room and as we were doing some computer work, i noticed a few people with their iPods...listening away to dear knows what. At this particular time the teacher began to talk about something, tbh i wasn't too bothered to listen, So i thought to myself...hmmm, i could just listen to my iPod and then i thought a) it'd look rude to just whip it out and plug in while the teacher was talking and b) the music would only distract me from my work. I normally stay focussed when the whole room is i thought to myself...wouldn't it be cool to create a sound...a sound of silence...a way in which you could plug in your iPod and actually listen to silence. Now i know this maybe sounds a bit strange, you'd be thinking 'uhh...can't you just not listen to anything??' ...well no, because you end up hearing background noise. I'd like to create a sound that is purely drowns out all surrounding background noise and so what you would hear, would be you were in a totally silent room, hearing no background noise from someone talking...and it wouldn't be music that would distract you.



VOIP is becoming ever more popular…and it’s always a hassle trying to get a calling card to ring people internationally. Now you can get the best mobile India calling card rates you may ever find. Pingo provide a great service…and it’s not just India you have to call, anywhere in the world you can get a calling card for and save up to 90% or more on international calls. This is probably the quickest and most efficient method of calling internationally I’ve seen without running up a huge bill and when you sign up you receive $5.00 USD worth of free calls…refer a friend and you get another $5.00 USD. Probably another product I’ll try out in the near future.

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When Influenza Attacks: Volume 3, Return of the virus...

So that flu i had a while's returned...i woke up this morning and felt like absolute crap, floating all over the place, head dizzy, pounding,'s worse than before. What a bad week this has top it off incubus had to postpone their tour because Mike Einziger has to have surgery on his hand, he has carpal tunnel syndrome which i don't get to see incubus until september, it was only a week away too.
I can barely type right now i feel so ill and haven't been online since thursday. Clocks go forward tonight, so i better get some rest and hope this flu clears up by tomorrow. I really can't afford time off of school either, i have some dealines to meet this week and i REALLY have to meet them or i'm screwed.
On the plus, the time away has been inspirational and i have a whole load of new post ideas.